Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Report entitled Migrant Entrepreneurs: Building Our Businesses Creating Our Jobs

There is a misleading pro-immigration report circulating by The Centre for Entrepreneurs ("an independent and non-partisan initiative of the London-based Legatum Institute").

This report entitled Migrant Entrepreneurs:  Building Our Businesses Creating Our Jobs amounts to little more than thinly disguised propaganda:  http://www.creatingourjobs.org/data/MigrantEntrepreneursWEB.pdf

Some observations:

“there are 456,073 migrant entrepreneurs in the UK. Together, they are founder directors of 464,527 businesses" - how many of these are small corner shops and restaurants in which the entrepreneur only employs his/her own family and other migrants?  The report doesn't say.  Instead we are presented with so-called case studies that are so unrepresentative as to be laughable.

The overwhelming majority of these migrant entrepreneurs are based in London (take the Irish out of the statistics and the figures become even more stark).  As we know from the 2011 census, only 44.9% of London's residents are White British.  Therefore it is difficult to avoid the suspicion that these "entrepreneurs" are just migrants employing other migrants (or descendants of post-war migrants) imposing unreasonable conditions of employment (particularly for family employees), paying near-slave wages and undercutting established shops and restaurants so that they go out of business.

In what respect do these migrant businesses act as a Trojan horse for yet more inward migration against the democratic wish of the majority population?

Also why is the Legatum Institute posing as an independent think tank when it is funded by financiers from the United Arab Emirates and is described as part of the Legatum "group of companies"?

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