Monday, March 24, 2014

One of the desperate proles queuing for three hours

Oddly worded "tweet" from Kevin Maguire (Daily Mirror).

Has Kevin Maguire been dismissed from his comfy well-paid job in the political-media elite (with attendant appearances on This Week, Press Preview etc) and is now seeking employment at Aldi?

The "we" implies that he is one of the desperate proles queuing for three hours in the hope of being noticed and accepted by a not very caring employer.

In reality, he is trying to avoid using the same wording as the Conservative bingo and beer advertisement last week.

Which is worse?

Those who openly acknowledge there is a gulf between the political-media elite and the ordinary people?

Or those who pretend they are one of the workers while all the time enjoying their covert status as a pseudo-toff?

Stinking hypocrisy Mr Maguire.

What would Frederick Engels make of this?

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