Saturday, March 08, 2014

It is easy to get distracted - the past week at work


So many rumours about the Institute moving back to London that I sat at my desk this morning and considered how I would find a new job.

I worked on plans for a new mailshot, writing the letter and a leaflet that will go with it.


Once a week I work at home on a long-term confidential project.

Unfortunately it is easy to get distracted and I spent a lot of the day reading about the Younghusband invasion of Tibet.


All I seemed to do today was reply to e-mails.


Arguments with Deputy Director Marcia Walsh, who also looks after finance.  As an economy she wants to stop any campaigns until the new Director is appointed.  I had to appeal to Alec Nussbaum to get my funding restored.


A lot of today I spent researching photographic images.  I find it a very pleasant task.  A good photograph can make all the difference.

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