Monday, March 17, 2014

Give up Owen Jones for Lent

There is a good case to be made for everyone to give up Owen Jones for Lent.

Like chocolate munch bars stuffed with vegelate and sugar, or 6% cans of Stella on special offer at the Co-Op, an Owen Jones article offers you a fix of faux outrage without any of the substance that good health (in this case the good health of society) requires.

Take for instance this deliberately contrarian article on bias in the BBC:

I do not believe that the BBC is biased either to the left or the right.

I do think however that Paul Mason's appointment as economics editor for Newsnight was a disgrace (he was blatently biased, and had no real grasp of economics), and to follow this with another openly leftie commentator on economic issues is stretching tolerance too far.

And on a point of information, it is ridiculous for Owen Jones to call Nick Robinson a "rightwinger".  His nickname in the Young Conservatives was "Red Robbo".  By no stretch of the imagination could he be described as One Of Us.

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