Sunday, March 16, 2014


The arrogance of the Observer's leader editorial was breathtaking today.

The idea that the United Kingdom has to feed the world (instead of developing nations finding their own solutions).  The suggestion that democracy should count for nothing.  The implication that only stupid short-sighted people oppose GM crops.

The world already has all the food it needs, many times over - but most of it is destroyed before it reaches a market.  The world does not have a production problem, it has a distribution problem.  The industrial production of food is already discredited, GM crops will only prolong the nightmare of suffering, cruelty, ill-health, environmental destruction, waste and exploitation.

The Observer leader talks of aphids and how they need destroying.

I'm afraid I value the life of the smallest aphid higher than I value the frankenstein scientists and their apologists (including the writer of this leader).

The aphids are innocent, and are living in harmony with nature.

The pro-GM claque are evil.

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