Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Article about illegal migration by Paul Gallagher in today's Independent

An emotive article about illegal migration by Paul Gallagher in today's Independent:

Mr Gallagher needs to realise that unrestricted migration, including illegal migration, is itself a form of violence against a society.

Of course middle-class writers like Paul Gallagher, working for la-di-da lefty-liberal publications, will not see any of that violence or recognise the insidious nature it takes - the overcrowding of communal facilities, the claims on communal assets (often built up over generations), the unilateral insistence on politically-motivated ideology such as "multiculturalism", the depressing effect on property values (often heavily mortgaged and the only capital asset a family has), the feelings of hopelessness and lack of democratic control, the debilitating collapse of community morale and individual confidence etc.

No immigration without consent Mr Gallagher.

Unless you adhere to this principle you cannot complain about future state violence to reverse immigration that has not had a democratic mandate.

I would like to see research on the level of state violence the public will endorse to bring illegal immigration to a stop.

The government report Paul Gallagher's article was based on:

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