Saturday, March 22, 2014

Are all the rumours true? - the past week at work


Like most Monday mornings, the first couple of hours seems to be spent dealing with e-mails.  Some excellent pictures had arrived over the weekend.  I dropped them into a Powerpoint presentation.

I also worked on the Operation Plan for tomorrow's meeting.


A day spent at Head Office.

As soon as I arrived Danielle from Publications rushed up very excited about praise (from the highest level) for a publication I had done most of the writing for.

On an upper floor I met Ashish Sharma and he offered me a job in the Birmingham office (he had to get additional funding for the post - "I said you were invaluable").

I made a non-committal reply, but privately I made up my mind not to accept the post unless I could work from home.

Between meetings (of such banality I can hardly remember what they were about) I went for a walk to think about the job offer - Beech Street, the battered grandeur of Long Lane, Farringdon Street with its little courts and alleys, finally to the bridge and the grey rushing water of the Thames.

When I had hesitated Ashish Sharma had said I might not have much choice.  Does this imply that the Institute is moving back to London?  Are all the rumours true?


An e-mail from Danielle with the praise (names redacted) for the publication.  The praise was extensive.  Annoyingly it was sent to me in confidence, so I am unable to distribute it.

In a discussion with Deputy Director Marcia Walsh I caught her lying, which was a satisfying moment.


A day on confidential work.  So confidential that Alec Nussbaum told me to work at home.  Working at home meant I hardly got anything done and just lazed about.


A photoshoot in the Reading Room downstairs.  I managed this, which allowed me to appear busy without actually doing anything.  The photos are for a mysterious "prospectus" that Alec Nussbaum is working on.

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