Monday, February 10, 2014


Interesting article on the Independent on Nudge theory and practice:

An example of nudge theory in action is surely the dissuading of the Romanians and Bulgarians.

The government told them not to come here.

And they did not come here.


Anonymous said...

That is the most laughable statement I have ever read in my life: The British government persuading Romanians not to come!!!
The truth is different, Romanians never intended to come in the UK anyway. Long before Romania joined the EU, Romania migrated en masse to Italy. They were working illegally, often punished as such, but they carried on regardless. They wanted to be there, not in the UK. When Romania finally joined the EU in 2007, the Romanian community had already one million people working in Italy. If Romanians wanted to come to the UK, they would have come, regardless of Cameron and his Eton gang. But they did not want to come. Britain is not Great at all in the eyes of Romanians.

a from l said...

Well that's wonderful news! Keep on going to Italy. And as you say, we are such an insignificant nation there is no need to bother coming anywhere near us. I am sure you will have a very happy time in Italy. And as Romanians never intended to come to the United Kingdom I am sure there can be no objection to legally preventing you from coming here. You are not coming here anyway, right? So it does not matter what ban we put in place. But in case there is any doubt, you are not wanted here.

Anonymous said...

Why should Romanians legally prevented to work and live in Britain? Just because they choose not use this right given by the EU Accession treaty signed by the UK and went to Italy and Spain instead? Then ban also the Germans, the French and other Europeans who have the right to work here but choose not to!
The hysteria about the alleged Romanian invasion to the UK in 2014 was a lie invented in all its pieces by MigrationWatch, UKIP and the rest of political spectrum to cover up the mismanagement of the non-EU migration (250 000 per year, namely one million in four years) and the lack of planning of 2014. It was known since 2007 that Romanians would get the right to work and live to the UK in 2014. What did those in charge for manage that? They did nothing for six years, and then the year before the event they started panicking. To cover for their lack of planning and gross incompetence in managing this situation, the government and the Mayor of London organized a vicious and misleading hate campaign against Romanians, thrown some half backed legislation that is now turning against the British natives, and misled the British people on the possibility of imposing a ban against Romanians (impossible under the EU Accession treaties).
Why should Romanians be punished for the gross incompetence, stupidity and dishonesty of your political??? Banning Romanians is an approval of the lies and the incompetence of the British Establishment.
Feel free to thrown at me all insults you want. As a Romanian living in UK for many years, I’ve seen all possible insults and lies in British media so I am past caring stage.

a from l said...

Very happy to include the Germans, French and other Europeans in the ban - we do not want or need any of these people.

You are wrong to talk of hysteria - you will find that many British people have looked at the situation very calmly and rationally and decided that they want their country back.

You talk of the elite making decisions, and in a certain sense you are right, and this is something we need to deal with ourselves. But please do not think that one person signing a treaty means that ever afterwards the situation is fixed. The Queen in Parliament is supreme. Treaties mean nothing and European institutions mean less than nothing. You do not understand this because your country has been mired in dictatorship for most of the last century. You think that because tin pot countries like Romania are pushed around by dictators that British people will put up with the same.

And on a personal note, what on earth are you doing "living in the UK for many years"? This is my country not yours. I would prefer you to leave and Go Home.