Friday, February 07, 2014

British medals at Sochi

The Winter Olympics formally open today at Sochi in Russia.

Let us cast our minds back to the Summer Olympics of 2012 and the claim by Sunder Katwala (director of the British Future think tank) that:  "At least a third of Britain's 65 medals reflected the positive contribution of immigration and integration to Britain over the last three generations."

It will be interesting to see whether Mr Katwala's boast will be confirmed by one third of British medals in the Winter Olympics being achieved by individuals who have an immigrant background (to three generations according to British Future's arbitrary benchmark).

Of course, there is the view that the immigrant tally in the 2012 Olympics was artificially created by politically motivated and discriminatory channeling of funding for elite athletes, with those from BME backgrounds being given priority (channeling justified and effected by the "Equality Duty" of all organisations receiving public money).

Great though the British Olympic achievement was in 2012, would it not have been greater if the funding had been allocated entirely on merit?

But back to Sochi.

Will we see the Katawala thesis vindicated with at least one third of British medals at Sochi going to immigrants?

Or will we conclude that Sunder Katwala is just another lying toad among the many lying toads seeking to bounce the United Kingdom into accepting ever greater numbers of immigrants.

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