Saturday, February 15, 2014

I am able to entirely suit myself - the past week at work


Work on the presentation I am to give tomorrow.  In the past I would have been quite limited on what I could say.  But with the present lack of leadership at the Institute I am able to entirely suit myself.


I hate rushing to get a train.

For the first part of the journey I looked out of the window.  Lots of pheasants in the fields.  Through many little village stations without stopping.

Eventually, after changing trains twice, I arrived in Birmingham.  I thought how shabby the centre of the city looked as I walked to the Institute's Birmingham office - asian legal aid, cheap takeaways, homeless people in various doorways including in what looked like a drinking club.  Cold day so that I was glad to get indoors.

Through security, along corridors, up flights of stairs.

Welcomed by Ashish Sharma, who as usual seemed very pleased with himself.

A buffet lunch, substantial but not good quality.  Then I delivered my presentation, talking for an hour and a half, eleven people ranged in a half circle.  It was well received with many questions.

Back to New Street Station.  The train was late.  I felt cold standing on the platform among hundreds of commuters.


Most of the day I spent drafting an article.  It will need to be revised, but the basics are there.  Often I looked out of the window at the huge clouds moving quickly across the sky.


A day spent at home working on the confidential project.


I finished the article I had drafted on Wednesday and sent it off. 

The storm in the afternoon and evening was alarming - the noise of the wind was tremendous, even inside the office.

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