Saturday, February 22, 2014

Flattering in a way, but it creates a lot of work - the past week at work


Cheerful temp Kerry back on Reception, which made a change from the Germanic angst of Jutta.

A morning spent replying to e-mails.

In the afternoon a long 'phone call from Terry about my confidential project (which he is funding personally) and the 438-day countdown.


Another rather drab morning.  I did some work on the exhibitions programme, although rumours indicate the exhibitions team is to be disbanded.  A variety of other small tasks.

Lunchtime I went with Tim Watts, in Tim's car, to a pub he recommended.  On the way back his car developed a fault and we had to drive, haltering and slow, to a Vauxhall service centre on the edge of town.  Many lads milling around, but we had to wait before someone could look at the car.  Tim very glum at the likely cost.  We were loaned a courtesy car.  Eventually I got back to my desk after being away for two and a half hours.


Editing copy for a leaflet, and then developing the rationale for the mailshot (although with the current vacuum of any authority at the Institute I could presumably just authorise the campaign myself).


Busy in the morning, but with nothing really to show for it.

Various e-mails from Head Office arrived.  In the absence of a Director many people at Head Office are sending their requests to me.  Flattering in a way, but it creates a lot of work.

I should have worked at home on the confidential project today, but Alec Nussbaum asked me to go into the office to keep an eye on things (what did he mean by that?  keep an eye on what?  keep an eye on whom?).

More rumours about the Institute moving back to London, with Abi Reed (Telephone Surveys Manager) saying she had heard offices had been donated rent free in the Shard.  I told her this was nonsense.  The best we could hope for would be rooms above a shop in Cricklewood.

I finished preparing the access checklist.

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