Monday, February 03, 2014

Engineering graduates

James Dyson writes an article in the Financial Times about the shortage of engineering graduates in the United Kingdom and arguing we need immigration to fill the gap:

There is no need for immigration.

We spend billions of pounds on the education system and yet it is failing to produce qualified graduates, even with high youth unemployment and a serious demand for engineering graduates.  This suggests that the wrong managers are in charge of the education process and they need to be sacked and replaced with more competent managers.  What on earth is going wrong with vocational education in this country?

And what is wrong with James Dyson's companies paying for their own engineers?  Perhaps sponsoring them through university.  Or does James Dyson secretly prefer immigrants because they are a lot cheaper and less demanding as employees?

Also I would take issue with the James Dyson claim that "Foreign engineering students are clearly anglophiles".  Ukrainian student Pavlo Lapshyn, who planted bombs outside British mosques last year, was an engineering student.  So I would caution Mr Dyson against sweeping hagiographification of immigrants - they are not the answer to this country's problems.

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