Sunday, February 09, 2014

During the newspaper review on the Andrew Marr programme this morning attention was drawn to checks by immigration staff on LGBT asylum seekers.

Those on the left agitating for LGBT people to be given asylum would have more credibility if their condemnation of homophobic nations was more consistent.

Oh yes, they condemn Russia.  And they condemn Uganda.  But they do not say a word about Jamaica, which has been identified by more than one commentator as the most homophobic nation in the world.

This is because the Jamaican community is a reliable bloc vote for the Labour party.

Indeed, there are grounds for suspecting that Lady Lawrence, newly ennobled for her services in the cause of equality rights, is herself a homophobe who will not condemn persecution of LGBT people in Jamaican society.

Stinking hypocrisy is it not?

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