Thursday, February 20, 2014

Anglican bishops

Twenty-seven Anglican bishops and various dissenting clergy have written a letter to the Daily Mirror criticising government policy on welfare payments:

The Reverend Giles Fraser appeared on the Today programme complaining about the extreme poverty he is witnessing in Kennington, and laying responsibility for this at the government's door.

These holy clerics seem to be obsessing about the speck in someone else's eye while ignoring the beams in their own.

Do they not pause to ask themselves why there is such competition for scarce resources?  Does it not occur to them that the National Insurance system, the cornerstone of the welfare state, has broken down because of the inward flow of millions of people into the United Kingdom who have been given automatic access (over decades) to the emergency reserves paid for by others?  Are they as supporters (very vocal supporters) of this open-door let-us-welcome-the-stranger-in-our-midst policy not partly responsible for the resulting shortage of housing, employment, even food?

Anglican bishops your duty is clear.

If there are hungry people in your parishes you must feed them, not meddle in party politics.

Do not worry about the resources for feeding the hungry - the Scriptures tell you "ask and it shall be given".

Only when you have feed the hungry and clothed the naked and (most important of all) preached the Gospel should you think about lecturing others about how much tax they need to be paying and where the tax receipts should be allocated.

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