Thursday, January 23, 2014

Whether Syrian refugees should be allowed into the United Kingdom

In any consideration of whether Syrian refugees should be allowed into the United Kingdom we should bear the following in mind:

1  The United Kingdom is already providing very significant support to refugees in locations close to Syria, and this is by far the best policy - allowing the refugees to remain in cultures they are familiar with and with a good likelihood they will one day be able to return home.  By all means increase the funding we provide.  Double it if necessary.

2  Entry of previous groups of refugees has not been a success.  The unnecessary creation in the United Kingdom of a Somali community has been a disaster.  Entry of thousands of Syrians will increase the risk of violence to the United Kingdom population.

3  The United Kingdom is no longer an imperial nation and the political class needs to get over this.  There is no requirement for us to go about the world lecturing and interfering.  What is happening in Syria is a civil war and there is no right side or wrong side or good side or bad side - tragic though the situation is, they need to resolve things themselves.

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