Thursday, January 16, 2014

There are no Muslim babies

Erroneous article by Daniel Trilling on the Rationalist Association website:

Brusquely Mr Trilling tells readers:  "This use of language is annoying. Children are not “born” Muslim, any more than they are born supporters of West Bromwich Albion, or speakers of Russian."

The legal position is that all children born in England are automatically Christian members of the Church of England.

Of course, there is complete toleration of personal belief.

But the Thirty-Nine Articles are still in law, and good luck to anyone who tries to change them ("That the Articles of the Church of England which have been allowed and authorized heretofore, and which Our Clergy generally have subscribed unto do contain the true Doctrine of the Church of England agreeable to God's Word: which We do therefore ratify and confirm, requiring all Our loving Subjects to continue in the uniform Profession thereof, and prohibiting the least difference from the said Articles...").

There are no Muslim babies - they are all born Anglicans.

This is inclusivity in action.

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