Sunday, January 12, 2014

The pro-immigration lobby is constantly changing its argument

Barbara Roche, former Labour MP and now representing the lobby group Migration Matters, appeared on BBC News 24 earlier today telling us that immigration was essential to economic growth.

Like some shape-shifting elemental force, the pro-immigration lobby is constantly changing its argument.  At first we were told immigrants were here to do the jobs we were too lazy to do; and when that argument was debunked we were told it was because "vibrant diversity" and multiculturalism was good for us; and when multiculturalism as a policy was junked we were told that we needed immigrants to look after the old (as if immigrants would not get old themselves, as well as wanting to bring their aged relations over here).  Now we are being assured that immigration is responsible for economic growth.

Well here we have them.

Economic growth is not some esoteric concept like "vibrant diversity".

Economic growth can be defined and measured. 

The bean counters will be able to tell us when this economic growth occurred, which immigrants caused it, and what the value was to average voter. 

So please tell us Ms Roche, what immigrants were responsible for this economic growth, when did they arrive here and when did the resulting economic growth happen, and what was the direct chain of cause and effect that delivered a financial benefit to the average man and woman in the United Kingdom (and how much was that financial benefit).

Of course, you might not be able to prove your argument Ms Roche.

In which case I hope you will not mind if I call you a lying toad.

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