Saturday, January 18, 2014

The past week at work


A day spent with my freelance client.  We drove into London, and parked near Soho.  Various calls then to the hotel, the ballroom in the basement (pink, white and gold rococo) almost packed, rows of seats under the shining chandeliers.

Seminar on equities, followed by a lunch - the food very fine (Roquefort souffle, poached salmon, and keeping to my resolution I just had Vichy water instead of wine).

Then to Bishopsgate where my client went into a massive glass block to see his client.  I sat in the huge reception hall and read the Financial Times.  Then when I got bored I went for a walk along Artillery Lane.


Calls from Ashish Sharma (new Director of the Birmingham office) are a nuisance.  He has asked me to give a briefing to his staff about campaigns over the next seventeen months.  At least I will finally get to see the mysterious Birmingham operation.

Sensational news that Peter J has resigned, leaving his team in the lurch.


I wrote a very reasoned e-mail to the Director of Media Relations at Head Office, attacking everything they have done for the Institute recently.  I was helped by a blistering complaint that has come in about the errant press release.  I sent an e-mail to Anne Boswell-Urquart (nasty person) implying her department had caused the trouble.


Proof-reading, some exhibition planning, a variety of other little tasks.


To Head Office for a publications meeting.  They had a range of booklets newly printed, including one I had written (although I could not look at it, I was afraid I would see mistakes).  Afterwards I walked around the City.

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