Monday, January 13, 2014

The mutation of right-to-buy into buy-to-let in London

Tom Copley (Labour Member of the London Assembly) has produced a report on the mutation of right-to-buy into buy-to-let in London.

Strangely however there is no mention in his report of "vibrant diversity".

Is it not the case that the majority of former right-to-buy properties that are now buy-to-let are characterised by asian tenants exercising their right-to-buy options and then selling-on to asian buy-to-let landlords?

One does not like to be suspicious, but is it possible that within this "vibrantly diverse" right-to-buy-and-buy-to-let nexus there is a culture of extended family conspiring, inter-communal kickbacks and subtle (sometimes less than subtle) respect-your-elders pressures.

It needs investigating.

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