Friday, January 17, 2014

The more esoteric and encoded messages of Ed Miliband’s speech

Ed Miliband’s speech earlier today was extremely interesting. In 2165 words he outlined practical ideas combined with popular sentiments. However, as a Conservative I was interested in the more esoteric and encoded messages of Ed Miliband’s speech.

“It is about those families who work all the hours that God sends and don’t feel they get anything back.” Mention of God and family, in the opening sentences of the speech, seems to be raising the oriflamme of High Toryism at the heart of the Labour party. Is it possible that Ed Miliband is working for us?

“It is about those just starting out who can’t imagine they will ever afford a home of their own.” Here Mr Miliband seems to be endorsing the idea of a property–owning democracy. Ownership of private property is of course a cornerstone of Conservatism.

“It is about who we are as a country.” Forget about internationalism, national identity is going to be a focus. Indeed, Milibandism is embracing identity politics (which included an apology for immigration don’t forget).

“It is about all those who believe that we’re Britain and we should never settle for second best.” Did he really say this? Can a Labour leader in the 21st century be promoting the idea of British exceptionalism? (I mentally imagine him chanting “The British are best, the British are best, I wouldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest…”).

“Personal debt for ordinary families rising again, as wages are squeezed and productivity remains low.” Personal debt is both wrong and immoral. Live within your means, as Margaret would say.

“Over-reliance on insecure, low paid jobs, not enough of the secure, high paying ones that used to keep our middle class strong.” Yes! At last a Labour leader is emphasizing the desirability of a strong middle class and the discreet charms of the bourgeoisie.

“Part of the reason as a country we rely too much on low paid, insecure work is that the small and medium sized firms that could create the good, high paying jobs of the future can’t get the finance they need.” Good old Ed. Forget about the workers and endorse the small businesses that create wealth – the factory owners, the mill owners, the pit owners...

And how he was cheered and clapped!

What a terrible meeting (for the old socialists).

What a wonderful meeting.

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