Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nicky Morgan MP

Conservative Nicky Morgan MP has been reported in the Daily Telegraph:  In a recording of Miss Morgan’s words, obtained by the Huffington Post website, she told activists that politicians struggle to appeal to female voters because Westminster is seen as a “male club”.

Ms Morgan needs to understand that Westminster is not a "male club" per se.  There are almost no working class men and women in the House of Commons.  Westminster is a club for (all parties) privately-educated Oxbridge ex-lawyers like Nicky Morgan.

You are part of the problem Ms Morgan, not part of the solution.

The reason you claim that only "lone voices" are objecting to immigration is because most members of the House of Commons have no idea of the impact that swamping levels of immigration is having on the lives of ordinary people.

I would also advise you to get out more and talk to ordinary people and not the public school twerps in Bright Blue (who seem to be neither bright nor particularly blue).

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