Monday, January 20, 2014

Is it possible that this imbroglio will topple Nick Clegg?

"Incompetent leadership" Jeremy Paxman has just said on Newsnight, referring to the Lord Rennard scandal.

Is it possible that this imbroglio will topple Nick Clegg?

The Liberal Democrat party when it was in Opposition received state funding for administration and also "Cranbourne money" for its activities in the House of Lords.

Surely as an organisation in receipt of public money it had a duty under Equalities legislation to eliminate discrimination, including (obviously) the sexual harassment of women?

In any case, as an employer it must take responsibility for any sexual harassment that occurs (it is not clear whether any of the complainants were employees at the time they were assaulted, but this scandal will have had an intimidating effect on all women employees of the party whether they have been fondled or not).

This is over and above the personal responsibility of Lord Rennard himself for his behaviour.

I thought it was disgraceful of Lord Greaves to make comparisons with South Africa and Northern Ireland.  The comparison should be with the very considerable body of best practice that exists in the corporate world for dealing with allegations of misconduct.  Any middle-ranking personnel manager will be able to advise the Liberal-Democrat party on this.

As an aside, excellent report by Emily Maitlis from Westminster (all her reports so far in her new role have been excellent - precise and informative and without waffle).

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