Thursday, January 30, 2014

I thought Nick Robinson was scraping the barrel on the PM programme (BBC Radio 4) when he talked about the Conservative party being divided.

The issue is over speed of travel, not the direction we are going in.

Anyway, has he forgotten the Labour leadership crisis, which was only months ago?  They are still saddled with a lacklustre leader who is failing to register any impact with the electorate.  And has now capitulated to the unions.

Has he forgotten UKIP which is barely keeping the lid on a maelstrom of er... distinctive views which are likely to overboil when they win the Euro elections (as I am sure they will).

Has he forgotten the LibDems with their massive gulf between the leaders and the members.

No Mr Robinson, you cannot say we are divided.  I would probably place myself on the right of the party, and I have complete confidence in David Cameron.  Hung parliaments are very rare in the United Kingdom, and I am sure we shall have a Conservative majority in 2015.

We fight on, we fight to win (as they say).

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