Saturday, January 25, 2014

I struggled on - the past week at work


All of the week I had flu-like symptoms, without actually having flu.  So I had pains in my chest, but no cough.  Weak and tired all the time, but not so bad it was debilitating.  Deafness in my right ear that was intermittent.  Feeling giddy when walking.  Slightly nauseous at mealtimes.

But I struggled on.

Arriving at the office I felt tired and disorientated.

During the morning I worked on various projects but I also felt very subdued, a feeling that everything I was doing was pointless and purposeless.

I did a lot of work on the communications plan for the Birmingham office.


On the drive to work I saw the effects of the recent rain, with mini-lakes forming in the fields.

The arrival back of Galdys Y (as supervisor of the admin team) has created a sullen atmosphere, although that means nothing to me since I can keep aloof from all the bickering.

Alec Nussbaum (our de facto Director during the interregnum) in the office and briefed me on a confidential project that I will have to allocate one day per week towards.

More news of resignations and reorganisations at Head Office.


I am trying hard not to let the heap of paper on my desk grow to an unmanageable size.

The early part of the morning I spent researching databases for the Birmingham office.

Then a meeting with Campaign Manager Simon C to discuss his exhibitions programme and literature he might need.


Train journey to Birmingham, having to change at Nottingham.

The air was cold as I walked along New Street.  Into Waterstones to look at novels.  Then up to Chamberlain Square and into the Art Gallery to look at the pre-Raphaelites (The Blind Girl, The Annunciation, various Moores).

A brisk walk down Hill Street and into Bristol Street and the Institute's Birmingham office, discreetly masked by 1970s shabbiness. 

I was still early so after greeting Ashish Sharma I sat at an empty desk and looked at my e-mails.  Then a three-hour meeting with Ashish Sharma.  It was very clear that he knew almost nothing about campaigning.

On the whole it was a positive meeting, but an enormous amount of work lies ahead.

A walk back to New Street and a crowded train to Nottingham where I had to wait for almost an hour.  I went into one of the platform cafes, the walls lined with Edwardian ceramic tiles.  A cup of coffee and a sandwich.


Work on the confidential project.

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