Monday, January 06, 2014

Hugh Muir raises an important point

Hugh Muir raises an important point in his article about the timescale of being an immigrant and being an "owner":

If the arrival of the Jamaican immigrants had been with the consent of the majority Hugh Muir's question would not need to be asked.

However, the existence in our society of millions of people whose communities are not legitimate in terms of majority agreement indicates that their position here is problematical.

The fact that Hugh Muir, decades after the arrival of the Jamaicans, still feels the necessity to raise the issue of "belonging" in a column in a national newspaper indicates that all is not well.

Indeed, it could not really be otherwise.

The pro-immigration lobby has always followed a bellicose strategy:  force through immigration despite negative public opinion, shout down any opposition ("racist racist racist"), eventually everyone will get used to the idea.

Unfortunately this strategy has not worked - majority public opinion is still resolutely opposed to the idea of inward migration, and in the eyes of most people an "immigrant" is anyone from a migrant community, whether they were born here or not.

Immigration (massive immigration) without the consent of the majority has been (indeed, is) a huge injustice.

As Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Madiba Mandela have said in the past Mr Muir, a society built on an injustice cannot endure.

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