Sunday, January 05, 2014

Enoch Powell was right

On a blind test a prominent politician agrees Enoch Powell was right:

In the article Sunder Katwala, Director of the left-leaning thinktank British Future, having previously said Enoch Powell was "best left to history", breaks this self-imposed restriction and gives advice (unsolicited I suspect) to UKIP vis-a-vis Enoch Powell.

Later Sunder Katwala tells Cambridge law student Richard Nicholl, via the medium of Twitter, that the United Kingdom does not have a problem with inter-communal relations.

If everything in the garden is rosy one wonders why it is necessary to have such unusually proscriptive Equalities legislation including the self-defeating public sector duty (sic).

British Future is known for anodyne surveys asking bland questions (of the "don't you agree it's nice to be nice" variety) and then drawing sweeping unfounded conclusions from the data.

They could very easily test the level of integration in the United Kingdom by asking a representative sample when they last entertained (as friends, in their homes) someone from a different community.

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