Monday, January 06, 2014

Ed Miliband is not the son of an immigrant

In his article on the Labour party and immigration Mark Ferguson makes a glaring mistake:

Ed Miliband is not the son of an immigrant.

He is the son of a refugee (or asylum seeker as they are now known).

The way in which asylum seekers morph seamlessly into permanent settlers is one of the abuses of the system that needs to be addressed.

Ralph Miliband should have volunteered to join the Free Belgian Forces in London.  He should have joined in the efforts to liberate Belgium.  And after Belgium was free he should have returned there to help rebuild the country.

Instead what seems to have happened is that all sorts of strings were pulled to finesse his establishment here.

That cannot be right.

PS I feel justified in referring to this case study as it has been offered up to us for scrutiny by the Miliband family.

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