Friday, January 24, 2014

Does this not make you feel uncomfortable?

Various media lefties (Brian Whelan, Daniel Trilling, Owen Jones etc) exchanging digital high-fives at the incarceration of former EDL leader Tommy Robinson for mortgage fraud:

It is not for me to defend Tommy Robinson.

Still less do I condone mortgage fraud.

But eighteen months in gaol does seem harsh for a crime in which nothing was actually stolen (although of course the lender's money was put at risk).

And one cannot help thinking of Peter Mandelson who also committed mortgage fraud, had to resign from the government and then "ping" was back in the government again, and "ping" became Deputy Prime Minister, and "ping" is now in the House of Lords.

If Tommy Robinson deserves eighteen months in gaol then Peter Mandelson needs to be in the same cell with him.

Which is why I feel uncomfortable about this case.

The gloating of the left, the severity of the sentence, the fact that others committing the same crime get off scot free.

Does this not suggest that Tommy Robinson is being punished for reasons other than white collar fiddling?

I know people will say "It's only Tommy Robinson".

But does this not make you feel uncomfortable?

Does this not allow his supporters to say he is a political prisoner?

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