Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crocodile tears by Yvette Cooper

Given the huge amount of money the United Kingdom is spending on aid to the Syrian refugees I do not see why it is not possible to use a few million pounds of this money to build state of the art hospitals and clinics, and also to construct safe compounds protected by armed security guards reporting to the United Nations.

That way many tens of thousands of vulnerable refugees can be given vital aid and protection - far far more than the pathetic token of allowing a few hundred refugees into the United Kingdom for such treatment.

The clinics and hospitals would remain in the border countries as a permanent asset for the local populations, after the emergency is over.

Of course this will not suit the left.

They see immigration as the answer to everything.

They are not interested in "vulnerable" refugees - that is just crocodile tears by Yvette Cooper.

They want another bloc community they can bribe and manipulate into voting Labour.

We have seen this trick played before and we should not tolerate it.

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