Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An enemy of the people

I am staggered at the affrontery of former senior civil servant Gus O'Donnell in proposing "leadership" over the subject of immigration:

By leadership he means ignoring what the people want, and (by that sneaky way civil servants have) allowing immigration covertly (in millions during the time Gus O'Donnell was Cabinet Secretary) and then saying nothing can be done about it.

We do not want politicians and civil servants showing "leadership".

We have had enough of their "leadership" over immigration and wars in the middle east and signing European treaties without consent etc.

We do not want politicians and civil servants to show "leadership" we want them to bloody well do as they are told (and if they are not sure what the people are telling them they need to seek the endorsement of an election or referendum).

Gus O'Donnell is now in the House of Lords for heaven's sake.

He should not have been ennobled.

I have no hesitation in saying that Gus O'Donnell is an enemy of the people.

Perhaps he should be subject to a citizen's arrest and arraigned before a citizen's court.

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