Saturday, January 11, 2014

A liberating thought - the past week at work


Dismal experience to get up in the darkness and go back to work.  I had gone in last Thursday and Friday, but only for three hours each day.  And in any case only a few other staff had been in.

This was the formal start of a new week, indeed a new year, although whether the Institute will last the year is anybody's guess.

My only serious task today was a meeting with Mary McF from Head Office Media Relations.  She arrived late complaining about the taxis.  It surprised me that we had enough to talk about to last forty-five minutes. 


Most of the morning spent on an e-mail conversation with various people concerning the campaign being prepared by former Director Vijay Singh.  He behaves as if he is still Director.  I am tempted to just tell him to go away (I am almost sure that he no longer has any influence at Head Office). 

Later Marcia Walsh (Deputy Director and an opponent of the campaign) came to my desk and said "Well done with your e-mails."

Although I did very little today I felt exhausted when I got home.


Although I do not like Marcia Walsh, and certainly do not trust her, we are increasingly thrown together.  This morning we discussed the future of the Institute which is without a Director and is rumoured to be moving back to London.  Marcia Walsh was pessimistic in her outlook, and thought we might have six months at the most before the office closes.

Later, sitting quietly at my desk, I pondered the future.  If it is true that we just have six months left, perhaps I should just forget all the campaigns we have in the pipeline and just concentrate on the issues I cared about, calculating that it would be some time before got to hear of it and moved to stop me.  If I wanted to, I could steer the whole resources of the Institute into campaigns that I wanted to see happen.

It was a liberating thought.


The office filled with people today, including a party of six who had come to use the Reading Room.

Somehow I couldn't get organised, even though urgent tasks are building up.  I had to deal with a complaint that came in by e-mail about a press release that was off message.  It had been issued by Mary McF at Head Office, and it was quite satisfying to forward the complaint to her, widely copied.

In the afternoon Mary McF rang me and said:  "I do not mind grovelling to ---- ------ if that will make the situation better".

Ashish Sharma rang me with various projects he wants me to action (he has taken over the Birmingham office).


The complaint against Mary McF rumbled on, and I did my best to stir it up.

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