Saturday, December 14, 2013

We made vague unspecified plans to reschedule - the past week at work


Mud and fog characterised my drive to work.

Effectively I had a day of coasting, doing very little real work.

I sent an e-mail withdrawing my application for a post at Head Office as I do not think I could stand a return to commuting to London.

The afternoon very static.


I woke at 5am and didn't really get back to sleep again. 

When I got to the office I found that Maria B, my visitor from Head Office, had cancelled.  This was a relief as she would have been at the Institute four hours, which is a long time to keep someone interested and entertained.  I called her and we made vague unspecified plans to reschedule.

It was rather a boring day.  There was little to do, and I could not motivate myself to do even that.  Late morning an e-mail from Alec Nussbaum asking me to rattle various cages (his expression).

More freelance work came in, and I wondered if I could find enough to support me if I left the Institute and worked from home.


Not enjoying the cold mornings and the clammy fog.

At 10.30 I went with Tim Watts (Development and Innovation) to a nondescript motorway hotel for a meeting with Callum Smith (outgoing Director) and Vijay Singh (former Director who left us some months ago).  Before Vijay Singh arrived Tim explained that we had to have the meeting at the hotel as Alec Nussbaum will not allow him back in the Institute's offices.  We discussed a campaign that Vijay Singh wants to carry out, using the Institute's network.

I was as critical as possible while still maintaining a surface appearance of co-operation.


All my preparation wasted as tomorrow's Management Meeting has been cancelled.

Most of the day I replied to e-mails, looked at reports, collected papers together.


In the afternoon I travelled up to London to attend a 4 o'clock meeting at planning Head Office.  Anne Boswell-Urquart came into the meeting late eating a bread roll that dripped mayonnaise (she is such a slob) and sat at the back giving us the benefit of her opinions.  I dislike her so much that I couldn't help opposing everything she said.  Rumours circulate that she is to be Director of the Institute if it moves back to London.

Horrible train journey back, and I had to stand the whole way.

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