Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The ethnic peoples bring the deprivation with them

Matthew Goodwin (Associate Professor of Politics at Nottingham University, Fellow of Chatham House, Co-author Revolt on the Right) draws our attention to a graph that tells us "Ethnic minority groups in UK more likely to live in deprived neighbourhoods in 2001 and 2011".


The implication is that these ethnic people are being crowded into deprived ghettos by a society riddled with institutional racism.

The truth is the reverse.

The ethnic peoples bring the deprivation with them.

As a teenager and into my early twenties I lived in the Dallow ward area of Luton.

Not a wealthy suburb, and not a wealthy town, but Dallow ward was a respectable working class area.

I saw for myself the arrival of waves after waves of BAME immigrants.  Very swiftly the area declined - overcrowding in houses; schools and medical facilities packed (and I mean PACKED) with people who could not speak English; illicit businesses (including two doors from us an all-hours car repair operation in a former front garden hardly bigger than a car); noise all the time; people hanging around the streets at all hours; litter and rubbish everywhere.  House prices fell, so that although the original residents wanted to move away they were effectively trapped as they could not afford housing anywhere else (my parents struggled all their lives to buy their own home, and this happened to them).

Of course, Matthew Goodwin will not have experienced any of this.  As a la-di-da academic his background will be comfortable and middle-class.  To him all this is "vibrant diversity".


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