Monday, December 09, 2013

Paul Mason's mates

Why did Paul Mason do a report on police behaviour at the Senate House sit-in at Bloomsbury on this evening's Channel 4 News?

He is the Channel 4 News Culture correspondent, but this was not a culture story.

He is the Channel 4 News Digital correspondent, but this was not a digital story.

Am I right in thinking that we are seeing an example of cronyism here?  That Paul Mason was helped into Channel 4 News in the first available vacancy, and is now being eased into increasingly prominent news stories.  Eventually he will presented as their Politics and Economics Editor.

I suppose we cannot blame Paul Mason's mates for wanting to help him get on.

Except that this process is not very transparent, and all sorts of discrimination issues arise.

This is the way the Establishment behaves.  Not very nice is it!   Someone needs to stamp on Paul Mason and his cronies.

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