Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ostentatious grandstanding that is merely symbolic

Are we really supposed to admire Germany for taking in one thousand Syrian refugees?

To quote a German cartoonist of a hundred years ago:  what is one pretzel amongst so many?

And I think I agree with the commentator on The World This Weekend who identified refugee fatigue as a reason why we are not taking any of these people.

When even Trenton Oldfield and his family claims "refuge" from the vicious racist state of Australia we know that the asylum system has zero credibility.

And even if we were to agree to take a thousand Syrians, the suspicion is that they will be wealthy Syrians with contacts - the rich Syrians who can afford to get out.

Far better the current policy of giving half a billion pounds in aid to Syria's refugees.  Practical help locally provided.  Not ostentatious grandstanding that is merely symbolic.

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