Tuesday, December 24, 2013

One of the great Feasts of the medieval church

Christmas Eve, and once again I am impressed by the all-encompassing totality of the Christmas festival.

And how medieval the Feast is this year - the gaudy colours, the raucous merry-making, the co-option of folklore both modern and ancient.

Even atheists and minorities appear to be joining in the celebrations (and this is all that is specified by the Thirty-Nine Articles - belief is not necessary, all that is required is conformity).

So for all those secularists trying to explain away Christmas here is a statement of the position:

•  Notwithstanding the state's sincere toleration of religious belief, all people in England are, under the Thirty-Nine Articles, auto-enrolled in the Church of England whether they like it or not.

•  In a few hours time the official and commercial activity of the country will come to a halt in respectful honour of the religious event.

•  Tonight and tomorrow the churches will be full.

•  Tomorrow the Head of the Church of England will make a televised broadcast to the nation that will be watched by millions.

•  Almost the entire population will celebrate one of the great Feasts of the medieval church.

Last night on The Papers on BBC News 24 (there was no Newsnight) Independent writer Owen Jones told us:  "This is a relatively irreligious country".

In your dreams mate, in your dreams.

Note slightly amended to replace United Kingdom with England.

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