Tuesday, December 03, 2013

OECD's Pisa 2012 exams

According to OECD's Pisa 2012 exams the United Kingdom is ranked 26th for maths, 23rd for reading, 21st for science.

This has led to anguished calls from what Denis McShane MP calls "the left-lib educational commentariat" that the United Kingdom should do more to emulate the way things are done in Shanghai and Singapore.

One aspect of our system that would not be tolerated in Shaghai or Singapore is the existence of teacher training courses where the academics are ideologically committed to a "comprehensive" template of education regardless of what politicians, parents or taxpayers want.

No would they tolerate a unionised teaching profession which protects (indeed embeds) incompetent teachers and gives them complete job security no matter how lazy or stupid they are.

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