Thursday, December 12, 2013

Like a scene from the film Zelig

The Mandela Memorial Service surreal sign-language debacle is on one level very funny.  The whole world seems to be laughing.  It is like a scene from the film Zelig.

But do please bear in mind that the goons and gangsters running the ANC are not known for their sense of humour.  They might think the world is laughing at them.  The poor sign language chap might end up in gaol (or even worse things might happen to him).

He is just someone's relative or crony who has been propelled into the spotlight.

In marketing communications you come across loads of these people.  You might be commissioning a website or a new publication, and you are trying to get the best person for the job.  And then a senior director comes up to you and says:  My wife's nephew is a graphic designer / photographer / website designer and he's really good, so I think we should give him a chance.

Of course, such people are never "really good".  They are usually awful.  And because they are a relative or a crony of someone important you have to put up with them.

That, I guess, is the story of the Memorial sign language interpreter.

Stupid and incompetent, but he does not deserve to be declared an enemy of the state and go the way of Wally Stuttaford.

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