Saturday, December 07, 2013

Good in a way - the past week at work


More economies in the office - office supervisor Gladys Y (a fat malevolent presence) has gone.

Very little work to do.  A new Director of the Institute will not be appointed until April at the earliest.  I will have to plan my own work until then (which is good in a way as I can do the projects that interest me instead of just following other people's bland ideas).

Dreary cold weather.


I used the morning to go through a heap of papers that has accumulated.  Some of them go back to Vijay Singh's time, and I just threw these in the bin.  The rest I put into folders and filed away.

Persistent questions to Deputy Director Marcia Walsh revealed that my budget for next year will be the same as this year.  In the absence of a Director I can sign off invoices up to £2k per project.  Anything over that has to be signed off by Alec Nussbaum.

Later in the afternoon an e-mail from the new manager of the small Birmingham office saying he wanted me to continue to do their communications (Peter Whitgift has gone).


I spent the day working with outgoing Director Callum Smith on a presentation he has to give.


Nothing much to do today, but it does not bother me unduly.  The period before Christmas is usually quiet. I did some planning for next year, and all the publications for 2014 are going to be on topics that are central to my interests (unless the new Director alters things).


Alec Nussbaum was at the Institute today and reassured everyone that a move back to London looked very unlikely, mainly because of the high cost of finding new premises (but the rumour is that we are to be slotted into Head Office, so I did not take his statements entirely seriously).

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