Saturday, December 28, 2013

Anyway I went to the farmshop to get a lamb joint for lunch on New Year's Day.

There was a half leg that looked a bit big, but you can never tell how much people are going to eat, so I pointed at it and said I would have that one.

The assistant looked surprised and went to get the butcher.

He put the joint on the scales and said (I thought) "Fourteen forty-three - is that alright?"

I said OK, and instead of handing me the joint over the counter he carefully wrapped it up, brought it all the way round the counter, and reverentially put it in the wire basket I was holding.

At the till the girl rang up £40.43.

I was aghast.

It will have to go four meals at least.

Later I justified the purchase.  It is not the farmshop meat that is too expensive.  It is the supermarket meat that is too cheap to ensure the animals have a decent life.

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