Thursday, December 19, 2013

Airplanes do not just travel in one way Mr Birrell

What a bizarre argument Ian Birrell deploys when offering us yet another of his pro-immigration articles.

Airplanes do not just travel in one way Mr Birrell.  All the examples you quoted could see their families any time they like simply by going to where they are.  Presumably the cost of an air ticket London to Fiji is roughly the same as an air ticket Fiji to London?

And what do you mean by politicians showing "leadership" over the matter of immigration?

By this do you mean ignoring the democratic will of the overwhelming majority of the ordinary people? (as expressed in every test of public opinion on the subject of immigration since 1945).

We have seen rather too much of that sort of "leadership" since 1997 thank you very much.

We want MORE political accountability, not less. 

Including the facility to put politicians and civil servants on trial for exceeding their authority.  

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