Saturday, November 23, 2013

We both agreed it was outrageous - the past week at work


Grey damp start to the week.

Most of the time I wrote copy for yet another new publication.

'Phone call from Alec Nussbaum complaining that I had not written up the sessions from the AGM and training days.  The recording equipment had failed on two occasions so that the only record of these sessions are the notes I made.  As these notes were made for my own private reference it is a cheek for Alec Nussbaum to order me to type them up and circulate them (although of course I did not say this).

Marcia Walsh (Deputy Director) showed my the payoff that had been given to Vijay Singh (former Director).  We both agreed it was outrageous.  "It stinks" said Innovation Manager Tim Watts.


I can't say anything about this day I'm afraid.


Recently I have been putting my papers into a draw each evening so that my desk would be clear for the cleaners.  The difficulty is that I never get a chance to get them out again, given the amount of urgent work that has to be dealt with instantly.  Thus I was appalled when I went through the draw this morning and found lots of projects that are behind schedule.

I encouraged Marcia Walsh to complain to the Head Office legal department about the Singh payoff.

In the afternoon I worked on a controversial project - responsibility for anything to do with this campaign is becoming a game of pass the parcel.

News that a senior person from Head Office is to visit the Institute tomorrow, and this made several people (including myself) uneasy, as a move back to London would be very problematic.


Simon C (Campaign Manager) came to my desk and expressed concerns about the imminent arrival of Peter J from Head Office - or the Head Office honcho as he described him.

Peter J duly arrived and most of the morning the Campaign managers were in a meeting with him.

To avoid the tension I went out at lunchtime, walking through the cold drizzle down to the mall to have a cup of coffee in Whittards.

Back to my desk where I worked on various small tasks.

At 4 o'clock all the staff were gathered together for an announcement by Peter J.  He told us that the Institute as presently constituted was too expensive and that a complete review of operations would have to be made.  News that Simon C had "resigned" this morning and had left immediately.

Marcia Walsh told me that she had raised with Peter J the issue of Vijay Singh's payoff, and had been told that it was effectively to buy his silence.  Also that current Director Callum Smith would have to be paid off (he is supposed to have resigned, but it is open knowledge that he has been pushed out).  It is these payouts that have put the Institute's finances into the red, and basically we are paying for Alec Nussbaum's inability to work with people.

Before he left Peter J told me to "keep up the good work", so at least he knows who I am.


As a result of the cost-cutting announced yesterday a number of projects have been cancelled. 

I suppose it would not be the end of the world if I had to look for another job.

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