Saturday, November 23, 2013

Watching Dateline London earlier today (the discussion admirably led by Carole Walker) they discussed the Flowers Co-Op scandal (Flowersgate?  Co-Opgate?  Snorting-fleecing-bungling-gate?).

Thomas Kielinger from Die Welt said "This is the sort of thing that happens in third world countries".

Abdul Bari-Atwan from Al Quds Al Arabi said (about the Reverend Flowers) "This is the cream of the Labour Party".

My goodness, what must the world think of us.

Here the Rev Flowers tells us he met Ed Balls (more than once):  How many meetings were there?  What did they talk about? (the Rev Flowers says they did not talk about the Co-Op banking operations, so what did they talk about?  - donations to the Labour party?  - the Flowers view of Labour policy development?).

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