Saturday, November 16, 2013

The white dahlias in the garden are still in flower - the past week at work


To my desk this morning, and the fact that all my things were exactly as I left them on Thursday was oddly, stupidly, moving.

Usual accumulation of e-mails, and I was ruthless in using the delete button.

Alec Nussbaum was in the office this morning and called into the Board Room everyone who had been on the training courses.  He promised us an easy week because we have given up two weekends.  We went through the sessions one by one, deciding whether they had worked on not.  General agreement that the workshops were better than the formal talks.  General agreement that holding the Institute's AGM on the first weekend was a good move.  Callum Smith (Institute Director) said almost nothing.

All the staff called together and an announcement from Alec Nussbaum that a new Director cannot be appointed until well into the New Year (Callum Smith has resigned but is staying on in a caretaker role).

Late morning I wrote a rationale for a new publication.  With the lack of an effective Director I am finding it is a lot easier for me to suggest ideas and get them accepted.  I wondered if I should apply for the Director's job.

Lunchtime I went to the big mall and was surprised to see Christmas decorations already up.

A cup of tea when I got back to the office.  Gary (Assistant in the Reading Room) politely asking how I was.  Most of the afternoon I spent writing an article that I had forgotten about and quickly had to get done.


The white dahlias in the garden are still in flower, which shows we have not had a frost yet this year.

E-mails from various people that I met at the training weekends.  

Feedback from Head Office about one of my articles (which had been satirical) - "Jen laughed out loud when she was proofing it".

It was four o'clock before I turned my attention to yet another piece I have to write.  Perhaps I need the stress of an imminent deadline to motivate me into action?  By the time I left at 5.20 the basis draft was done.

I revised the draft I wrote yesterday and was quite pleased with the result. 

I took the afternoon as holiday, going to meet one of my freelance clients.  Long afternoon talking about his marketing communications for next year.  He was self-pitying about his finances (and yet he has lots of money). 

Early evening we went to the Green Man at Trumpington.  Steak and chips.  I went through the motions of offering to pay (he is my client after all) but as I expected he insisted on getting the bill.


Tensions in the office between Katie (Accounts clerk) and Jutta (Receptionist) so that Jutta complained to Deputy Director Marcia Walsh.

All the morning spent replying to e-mails, which wears me out.

All the afternoon spent organising paperwork.


I spent the entire day in the Reading Room downstairs, wanting to get the new publication done.  I am breaking the rule made by Vijay Singh (former Director) and putting my name on the title page.  No visitors to the Library all the day.  I noticed that Gary and Matthew are hardly speaking.  They seem lost without Stan (former Librarian) and worried they would lose their jobs when the Library moves back to London.  I discovered at the AGM that the Library and Reading Room has its own board of trustees, which makes me wonder whether I could get myself co-opted onto it. 

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