Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Tim Montgomerie draws our attention to a YouGov survey:  "By 51% to 25% Britons would vote to stay in EU if Cameron renegotiates relationship".


But then you look more closely at the question that was asked, and it appears to be so utopian that it is surprising that anyone would vote NO:

Imagine the British government under David Cameron renegotiated our relationship with Europe and said that Britain's interests were now protected, and David Cameron recommended that Britain remain a member of the European Union on the new terms.
How would you then vote in a referendum on the issue?  

Another way of wording this nonsense question might be "Imagine the British government under David Cameron negotiated the best of all possible worlds... How would you then vote?"  

Or possibly "Imagine the British government under David Cameron negotiated an individual pot of gold for every British citizen... How would you then vote?"  

This is all silly.  

The ordinary voter in the United Kingdom wants an end to foreigners coming into the country.  If the "renegotiation" does not include this then you can forget about a YES LET'S STAY vote.  On the whole ordinary voters do not care about EU membership so long as it does not intrude on their lives - and the arrival of the eastern Europeans has been a bloody big intrusion.  

Indeed, let me talk directly to the Conservative members of the government and the Conservative backbench members of the House of Commons:  

If you mess up this renegotiation you will not believe the vial of wrath that is going to be poured out on your heads.

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