Thursday, November 07, 2013

Propaganda in favour of EU free movement of people

Someone called Oana Romocea, writing for an organisation called British Influence has produced a solipsistic piece of propaganda in favour of EU free movement of people:

"need to choose either populist-driven or evidence-based policies" says Oana Romocea, ignoring the fact that the opposition of the electorate is a bloody big piece of evidence that the pro-EU lobby seem determined to ignore.

On another point, the fact that some British people go to live in Spain is totally irrelevant to the objections most people have to the huge influx of Eastern Europeans moving into the United Kingdom.  The people who leave the United Kingdom have left.  They are nothing to do with us now.  The ability of a relatively few well-off pensioners to have a comfortable sunny retirement in Spain means nothing to the rest of us who have to tolerate millions of foreigners arriving here.  I would rather not have the "freedom" to go and live in Spain and ask the Eastern Europeans to leave the United Kingdom - and I am sure that would be the view of the majority.  And if the Spanish do not want British pensioners living in Spain my advice would be to chuck them out (they can move back to Eastbourne and Frinton).

Most offensive is Oana Romocea's glib assumption that the EU is about "its ultimate goal of unity".  I do not want a United Europe and I am sure this is the view of the majority of the British population.  It is likely of course that other European populations, mired in the depravity and collaboration of the Second World War, see European unity as the only way they can redeem themselves, but we should see this for what it is - an irrational attempt to escape the guilt of a terrible history by pretending they have become different people.

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