Thursday, November 21, 2013

Owen Jones writes about the fading away of Conservative support

In the Independent Owen Jones writes about the fading away of Conservative support in Scotland and urban areas of the north (he conveniently ignores the northern Tory shires):

From the way he talks you would think this was a righteous rolling back of the hated Tories, annihiliated constituency by constituency, defeated by the popular appeal of socialism.

In reality what has happened is that the Tories have, by and large, left.  The dead weight of Labour administrations has driven away anyone with enterprise and initiative and these have effectively become internal exiles living in the London and the south (in much the same way that enterprising French people have left France to live in England).  The result is hollowed out urban areas devoid of private sector enterprise, heavily dependent on the public sector.

This is nothing to be proud of Mr Jones.

Scotland under Labour and the Nationalists is well on the way to becoming a failed state (economically).

Liverpool, Sheffield, Stockport and the rest are at risk of following Detroit into urban oblivion.

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