Saturday, November 23, 2013

My view is that Attorney General Dominic Grieve has done the country a great service by speaking out.

Perhaps now others will feel able to speak, despite the inevitable chorus of racist, racist, racist.

And the report when it is published will be like a bomb going off.

And of course, of course Dominic Grieve is sorry if any offence has been caused.  We should all be sorry if any offence has been caused.  But these things need to be said, otherwise democracy becomes entirely devalued.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has just said on Twitter:  "Brit Asian political corruption is bad" and then tries to justify it by saying other groups are also corrupt (as if two wrongs make a right).  But at least she has admitted publicly that British Asians are corrupt.  Rather makes a mockery of all those white people saying Dominic Grieve should apologise.


Sikander Hayat said...

Dominic Grieve’s comments are unfortunate.
Law is equal for everyone. if someone has broken the law, punish them, do not punish the whole community.

a from l said...

He was not "punishing" the whole community Mr Hayat, he was identifying a probem. As Attorney-General he has a duty to do this, and as Attorney-General his analysis must be taken very seriously.