Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jonathan Ashworth MP talks about "Cameron's cheap grubby smears..."

Using Twitter Jonathan Ashworth MP talks about "Cameron's cheap grubby smears over Labour and Co-Op..."

Excuse me Mr Ashworth, the grubbiness is not a smear.  The grubbiness is beyond all doubt.  The head of the Co-Operative Bank is revealed as (allegedly) a drug-taking porn-consuming expenses-fiddling incompetent lying hypocrite.

It is all the more shocking given the supposed high ethical standards the Co-Operative movement claims to have.

This is an organisation that donates money to the Labour party, sponsors Labour MPs, and provides sinecure positions for Labour appointees.

Millions of people (including myself) shop at the Co-Op and hold Co-Op bank accounts.  We do so in the naive belief that a mutual organisation would behave in a more responsible way than behemoths such as Tescos.  Imagine our disgust to find that an organisation that in theory WE own is being plundered by political gombeen men greased into positions of power by a self-serving Labour claque.

I want a thorough inquiry into the Co-Op's links with the Labour party, and if necessary criminal prosecutions brought against anyone found to have diverted Co-Op money into Labour party accounts (rather than going towards the generally pitiful dividend payments of pensioners and hard-up shoppers).

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