Thursday, November 21, 2013

John Aziz on the subject of immigration, writing on the Pieria website

Disgraceful article by John Aziz on the subject of immigration, writing on the Pieria website:

To justify unrestricted immigration he uses the highly provocative argument "...everyone is descended from immigrants. Our history as a species has been one of immigration out of Africa, and across the continents of the world. But modern political dialogue is not often cognizant of that fact."

Early migrations consisted of one tribe overwhelming another and taking the land they were settled on.  The defeated peoples were either enslaved or exterminated.  This pattern of migration happened in PRE-DEMOCRATIC times.

To say that this savage pattern of migration constitutes some kind of precedent that modern politicians need to be "cognizant" of is so appalling that I am seriously alarmed that organisations such as Pieria are giving it a platform.

In a democracy fundamental changes to society must not happen without the democratic consent of the majority (and if they do happen without that consent they are not valid and must be reversed).  If immigration is so beneficial Mr Aziz all you have to do is get a political party to put it to the electorate, with specific numbers, and ask them to vote for it.  No democratic vote means no immigration - it's as simple as that.

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